Coloured Boxes Helping Logistics & Distribution in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Mawdsley Brooks & Co.’s depot based in Salford, are a well-established, pharmaceutical wholesaler offering a wide range of services to the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors.  They have numerious depots and distribute over 1600 pharmacy product lines,  into hospitals, independent pharmacies and dispensing doctors.

As a leading partner to these sectors, Mawdsley’s continually strive to improve their production methods to ensure continuous high levels of service.  So when their order picking boxes began to deteriorate, their Operations Manager, Mark Leach set about trying to source a replacement.

After a little research Mark contacted Mailbox, a division of Stamford Products Limited, through their web site. Mailbox responded,  a visit by their National Sales and Product Manager,  Gero Liotti followed.

Gero Liotti conducted a full site survey to ascertain Mawdley’s precise requirements.  The criteria for the replacement containers proved to be challenging, they were required to travel along a roller and belt conveyor system, with restrictions to not only the height but also the base dimensions.  The latter being required by the automated conveyor grab arm braking system.

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