A piece of cake for Mailbox.

Hexpol Compounding, based in Dukinfield, is one of the world leading groups in the development and production of Rubber Compounding for the Roller industry.

As part on their on-going strategy to improve standards and their production capabilities, they are in the process of re-designing their whole production area by replacing and adding new machines.

The production of rubber compounds involves the integration of a number of different ingredients and additives to ensure that the customers exacting specifications are met, a recipe if you like.

With so many ingredients and additives required to make the different types of rubber compound, it is important that Hexpol had a system that segregates them but is also quick and easy to use.

Mailbox’s food grade R1109 ingredient dispensers and mild steel tables were ideal. They created the perfect pick and mix type operation.  The tables reduced bending time and improved manual handling safety.


Mr Brian Jones, System Manager for Hexpol said ‘overall the system has improved our production area and allows the ingredients and additives to be picked quickly and efficiently, saving time and money’.


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